8 Places Across Globe That Celebrate Lantern Festival

If you thought only China celebrates Lantern festival, you are wrong!

1.  India India celebrates Diwali, where clay lanterns are lit across doors and houses. They also light paper lanterns on the windows.

2. Tokyo Tokyo celebrates Marine Day Lantern Festival which is a tribute to the ocean. 

3. Vietnam This country celebrates Hoi An Lantern Festival every month on full moon. 

4. China China celebrates the end of Chinese New Year by celebrating China's Spring Lantern Festival. 

5. Washington D.C. Washington D.C celebrates Floating Lantern festival with messages of hope and peace. 

6. Utah This landlocked state in US celebrates Water Lantern festival and Sky Lantern festival. 

7. Las Vegas People write their messages on the lanterns and celebrate the Rise Lantern festival in October. 

8. Taiwan  Taiwan celebrates Pingxi Lantern festival and hundreds of people come to participateand witness it.