8 SuperFoods To Help Prevent Premature Hair Greying

1. Mushrooms  Mushrooms help in producing melanin in the body which in turn slows down the process of hair greying. 

2. Soybeans Soybeans are rich in antioxidants which help in fighting premature hair greying. 

3. Eggs Eggs are rich in Vitamin B12 which is important to stop premature hair greying. 

4. Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate is rich is antioxidants and copper. 

5. Lentils Lentils are rich in Vitamin B9 which promote healthy hair. 

6. Leafy Green Veggies Green leafy veggies are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin. 

7. Milk Milk is rich in calcium and protein that are useful in promoting healthy hair growth. 

8. Yogurt Yogurt is rich in antioxidants and is probiotic which prevent damage to hair. 

Add these items in your diet to prevent greying of hair.