8 Surprising Facts About Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is the 8th largest state in India.

Here are some surprising facts about the state. 

1. The state has given the most number of presidents to India. 

2. The state has a village named Lambasingi which is the only place in south India that receives snowfall. 

3. The state's Telugu film industry hold the Guiness Book Of World Record for the largest film production facility. 

4. The state has a temple known as Chilkur Balajee temple, which is known to help you get American visa. 

5. The Rama temple here is the only temple named after its sculptor. 

6. The Purani Haveli here houses the world's largest walk in closet. 

7, Borra caves were found a million years ago and have stalactite & stalagmite formations. 

8. The state houses the tallest monolith statue of Gautama Buddha.