8 Things To Know Before Renting A Car In Dubai

Eligibility Criteria

Dubai residents over 21 with a valid driver's license can rent, while some companies require renters to be 25.

Expatriate residents with licenses from GCC countries or various international locations can use their home country's license for car rentals.

License Requirements for Expats

Rentals are insured and supported by car-leasing companies.

Pros of Renting

Limited insurance coverage and potential mileage restrictions may apply.

Cons of Renting

Consider factors like rental duration, budget, and company reputation when selecting a rental platform.

Choosing the Right Rental Platform

Review insurance coverage provided with the rental and understand potential excess costs for damages

Understanding Rental Car Insurance

Factor in additional costs like fuel, toll charges, and administrative fees beyond rental fees.

Budgeting Considerations

Prepare necessary documents including passport, visa, driving license, Emirates ID, and proof of income.

Required Documents

Be aware of travel restrictions, inform rental companies of additional drivers, and prioritize reliability over affordability.