9 Amazing Things To Do In Varanasi

1. Ganga Aarti Witness the beauty and sanctity of ganga aarti on the ghats of Varanasi. 

2. Boat Ride Enjoy a blissful boat ride early morning along the Ganges river. 

3. Walk On The Ghats Take a random aimless stroll on the ghats and you will have a surreal experience for sure. 

4. Visit Temples Visit the beautiful temples of Varanasi. 

5. A Dip In Ganga Take a dip in the holy water of India's pious river Ganga. 

6. Visit Sarnath It is believed that Gautam Buddha came here and taught about Dharma. 

7. Visit Ramnagar fort Experience the beauty of Mughal architecture. 

8. Go Shopping Shop for silk sarees and ornate jewellery in Varanasi's market. 

9. Relish street food From Baati Chokha to Kachori sabzi, relish delicious street food in Varanasi.