9 Benefits Of Drinking From A Copper Vessel

1. Prevents Anaemia Copper aids in creating haemoglobin and absorbing iron which prevents anaemia

2. Assists In Digestion Even Ayurveda and ancient Greek medicine prescribe eating from copper utensils to aid in digention

3. Prevents Strokes Copper contains anti-convulsive properties which makes it better at preventing strokes

Image Credits: Press Release 

4. Fights Off Cancer Copper has antioxidants which prevents carcinogens

5. Regulates Thyroid Glands Copper aids in the functioning of thyroid glands

6. Helps With Arthritis Copper has anti-inflammatory properties which relieve rheumatoid and swollen joints

7. Helps With Hypertension It controls cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are crucial for patients with hypertension

8. Aids Cardiovascular System Copper has properties that cleans and dilates blood vessels which helps the blood to flow freely through the veins

9. Heals Wounds Faster Maybe Wolverine snorts copper everyday and that's why he has those regenerative abilities, but copper helps in healing (physical, not emotional) wounds faster

Image Credits: Unsplash