9 Different Types Of Dosas That People Make

1. Sada Dosa Basic, classic, simple, and well-loved, and you cannot go wrong with it.

2. Mysore Dosa Another popular dosa, this is another variation of this delicious Indian pancake.

3. Pesarattu This is a popular Telugu dosa made out of moong dal.

4. Set Dosa Often confused with Uttappam, set dosas are popular in Karnataka.

5. Ragi Dosa This dosa is made by many who want a healthier version of dosa.

6. Neer Dosa Neer dosa is a Tulu delicacy and is also popular in Mangalorean cuisine.

7. Egg Dosa Probably not as popular, this combination is still pretty good.

8. Atta Dosa Basically a pancake, this dosa is made out of wheat.

9. Addai Dosa Another dosa made out of lentils, this is a popular Tamil delicacy.

Image Courtesy: iStock