9 Food Item You Should NEVER Eat After 8 PM

1. Pakora pakoras are fried in oil and might not be the right choice after 8pm. 

2. Pizza With cheese and veggies loaded in it, it becomes too hard to digest. 

3. Gulab Jamun With so much sugar content, this dessert much be avoided after 8pm. 

4. Soda 'Soda or aerated drinks are better not consumed after evening. 

5. Coffee Coffee keeps you awake, so its a NO No!

6. Nuts Contin calories which are not good for health after 8. 

7. Spicy Avoid spicy gravies and go for something light.

8. Ice cream Might cause issue to your throat. 

9. Fruit Juices Fruit juices are better consumed in the morning.