9 Food Items That Can Cause Or Worsen Kidney Stones

1. Fast Food has high levels of sodium which can cause calcium oxalate stones.  

2. Spinach is a high-oxalate food item which worsens kidney stones. 

3. Chicken is an animal protein which increases your chances of kidney stones. 

4. Soft Drinks has high fructose corn syrup has refined sugar which increases your chances of having kidney stones.

5. Peanuts will increase the uric acid levels in your body. 

6. Eggs are animal protein which increases uric acid in the body. 

7. Alcohol will make you dehydrated and increases uric acid. 

8. Beetroot is a high-oxalate veggie which needs to be avoided if you have calcium oxalate stone. 

9. Packet Juice may contain high fructose corn syrup which may cause kidney stones.