9 Food Items To Eat For Low Blood Pressure-Related Issues

1. Paneer is a good protein source of vegetarians who suffer from low BP. 

2. Caffeine in the forms of coffee or tea may temporarily spike up your blood sugar levels.  

3. Lentils like all kinds of dal are rich in iron and folate which low BP people will need.  

4. Broccoli contains a lot of water, so it needs to be added in the diets of low BP people. 

5. Olives have high sodium content which will raise blood pressure levels. 

6. Low blood pressure is often a cause of dehydration. So, drink more water. 

7. Pickle or achaar is high in sodium which will help regulate your blood pressure. 

8. Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that helps in boosting blood pressure. 

9. Orange is filled with folate which is good for low BP patients.