9 Food Items That Help With Nausea

1. Apples Apples have fiber which help in ridding your body of toxins faster.

2. Hard Candies Nausea is related to low blood sugar. Hard candies can help with that.

3. Mint Adding fresh mint leaves to whatever beverage you're having can help get rid of nausea.

4. Ginger Much like mint, ginger, too, can help you feel less nauseated.

5. Breads Toast, roti, and even dry crackers can all help with nausea.

6. Lemon The sour flavour of lemon can help get rid of the vomiting sensation.

7. Cold Food Items Warm food emits odour which exacerbates nausea. Cold food can abate it.

8. Coconut Water Vomiting can dehydrate your body. Coconut water or any other clear liquid can help.

9. Chamomile This flower has certain properties that help in reducing the vomiting sensation.