9 Herbs & Spices You Can Add In Your Chai For Some Varie-Tea

1. Cinnamon Cinnamon is a popular ingredient in beverages in the west. Add some to your tea for a note of sweetness.

2. Saffron If you're feeling like royal-tea, add some saffron for a rich warm flavour.

3. Cloves For a delicious kick of mild spice, add some cloves to your tea.

4. Lemon For a little bit of zing and pep in your tea, add a couple drops of lemon.

5. Mint Adding mint will bring a new level of freshness to your tea.

6. Ginger Of course, how can we miss ginger? Adrak chai is foundational to Indian ethos.

7. Cardamom After adrak chai, elaichi chai is probably the most Indian beverage of all time.

8. Black Pepper Black pepper maybe a little unusual but if you love masala chai, you'll love this.

9. Lemongrass Another herb that's pretty common, the freshness it adds is incomparable.

Credits: Unsplash