9 Meat Dishes You'll Be Surprised Are Eaten Raw

1. Koi Soi (Thailand) In this Thai dish, raw beef is mixed with fish sauce, salt, chillies, and lime juice, and it's garnished with fresh herbs.

2. Beef Tartare (France) This is essentially minced raw beef served with a raw egg on top.

3. Sashimi (Japan) Basically a sibling of sushi, it is essentially slices of raw fish.

4. Kitfo (Ethiopia) Infused with clarified butter, herbs and many spices, the main ingredient of this Ethiopian dish is raw beef.

5. Mett (Germany) Spiced with salt, pepper, caraway, and garlic, this german dish features raw pork.

6. Ossenworst (Netherlands) Traditionally made out of ox meat, it is spiced with cloves, mace and nutmeg.

7. Parisa (South Texas) This is essentially a Texan variation of Beef Tartare.

8. Gored Gored (Eritrea) Gored Gored is raw beef that is cubed into big chunks and eaten unmarinated.

9. Yookhwe (Korea) This dish from Korea consists of raw beef julienned and mixed with soy sauce and garlic and is topped with sesame seeds.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash