9 Scrumptious Parathas To Make This Winter

1. Aloo Paratha These delicious savoury parathas are to die for in the winters!

2. Methi Paratha Methi is already popular in winter in India, why not make some delicious Methi parathas too?

3. Mix Veg Paratha Can't pick a veggie to make a paratha? Why not use them all?

4. Palak Paratha If Popeye was Indian, he would definitely love this paratha!

5. Paneer Paratha We love our Paneer. It is nutritious, versatile, and not to mention, absolutely delicious.

6. Onion Parathas Onion pakodas are a popular cold weather snack. This time, try having onion parathas.

7. Cheese Paratha Try this for soft, gooey, cheesy winter snack. Perfect combo for your adrak chai.

8. Muli Paratha Another classic one, the hot paratha pairs perfectly with the cold winter weather.

9. Plain Paratha Nothing beats the simple taste of plain paratha slathered with a generous coating of butter.

Image Courtesy: iStock