9 Times Sidharth Malhotra Made Us Crave A Vacation With His Breathtaking Travel Pictures

Bollywood's "Kukkad Kamaal da" is celebrating his 38th birthday today and we thought of taking a look at his travel pictures

Are you even in Leh, if your pictures do not have the beautiful mountains in the backdrop just like Sidharth's picture has. 

Who said Manali is all  mountains and snow? Try gyming at nature's gym with absolutely free membership just like our Shershah. 

Goa checklist by Sidharth: Pristine beach, blue sky and shades! 

A selfie with the blue waters is a must when you are in Maldives. Thanks for the tip Sidharth. 

Walk down the London Streets with a trench coat of course. 

When in Dubai, do what the Arabs do!

Why not ride a horse in Royal style in Jaipur?

Explore the beauty of Istanbul's streets and heritage in a coat.