9 Types Of Beers That All Beer Enthusiasts Must Try

1. Lager Lager is brewed at lower temperatures and comes in a variety of colours.

2. Ale This beer has a sweet and full-bodied taste.

3. India Pale Ale These come under the broader category of pale ale.

4. Stout These are dark, roasted beers, much like ales.

5. Pale Ale This beer is brewed with pale malt and can be golden or amber in colour.

6. Pilsner The name of this beer is derived from the name of the place of its origin, Plzen.

7. Witbier This beer is made of wheat and also contains malted barley.

8. Porter This style of beer was developed in London in the early 18th century.

9. Brown Ale In the 18th century, brown ales were brewed from 100% brown malt and were lightly brewed and hopped.

Image Courtesy: iStock