9 Types Of Dumplings Around The World

1. Vareniky, Ukraine These dumplings are usually served with sour cream and bacon.

2. Pierogi, Poland These are essentially the Polish variations of Vareniky.

3. Empanadas, Spain These Spanish delicacies are meat-filled pockets of deliciousness.

4. Ravioli, Italy If you think about it, raviolis are basically Italian dumplings.

5. Gyoza, Japan These pan-seared dumplings are usually filled with minced pork and cabbage.

6. Xiao Long Bao, China This unique dumpling is filled with meat and soup.

7. Momos, Nepal, Tibet, & India The all-too loved momos are popular throughout these countries.

8. Coxinhas, Brazil These beloved Brazilian snacks are basically a variation of chicken croquettes.

9. Buuz, Buryatia These dumplings are filled with meat and are steamed.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash