8 Unique Teas That We Bet You Didn't Know About

Tea is a beverage that is consumed worldwide. So it is no surprise that there are so many variations of it. Here are 8 teas that you might have not heard of before.

1. Boba Tea Okay everyone knows about this tea now, but did you know this tea originated in Taiwan and not in Korea?

2. Russian Brick Tea No, it's not made of actual mortar. The tea is compressed into tiny bricks which are then grated into a cup of scalding hot water.

3. Butterfly Pea Tea Made from Butterfly Pea Flower, this tea is now made very popular on social media.

4. Panda Dung Tea Again, no. That's not what the tea is made of. It is named so only because Panda Dung is the only fertiliser used to cultivate it.

5. Awabancha This is a pickled form of tea consumed in Japan that originated in Myanmar.

6. Tomato Mint Tea It is a Mediterranean tea which resembles a tomato soup but is classified as a tea.

7. Butter Tea Another form of brick tea, the butter used in this tea is made from rancid Yak milk.

8. Dragon & Tiger Tea This tea is primarily consumed in China and is basically black tea mixed with liquor.