9 Uniquely Shaped Homes People Stay In India

1. Hobbit Homes By Aventura, Ooty Here you can stay in O-shaped capsules. 

2. Woodhouse by Matra Architects, Satkhol The timber-clad roof home is built beautifully ovffering amazing views. 

3. Hobbit House By Montagna, Karnataka This house has cave-like features and is equipped with modern amentities. 

4. Moving Landscape By Matharoo Associates, Ahmedabad The sliding and spinning of marble  on the push of a button makes it super unique. 

5. The Hobbit House By Silver Oaks, Idukki This hobbit home in Kerala looks straight-outta a fairy tale. 

6. Lattice House By Sameep Padora, Jammu The exterior of this house is made up of mismatched stacks of volumes encased in wood slats.

7. AsanjA By SaffronStays, Murbad This is first earth-sheltered home in India situated in Maharashtra. 

8. The Leaf House By SJK Architects, Alibaug The four rooms in this Alibag home are divided by leafy canopies for shade.

9. Heavot Caves Resort, Shimla This small retreat offers a 360-degree view of the beautiful Himalayas and is built like a hobbit home.