All You Need To Know About Global Village 2022

Global Village 2022 is opening today for its 27th season and promises to be bigger and better. 

25th October 2022-29th April 2023

Entry tickets cost Dhs25 per person. Value tickets which are valid from Sunday to Thursday cost Dhs18 per person. Children above 3 years and senior citizens can enter for free. 

This season, there are 50 new exhibits, a rich range of new shows and endless entertainment. 

One of the most exciting things this year is that you can hop on a helium balloon ride and witness the beauty of the entire Global village. 

Note that Tuesdays are family days (ladies and families). So no single men or male groups will be permitted. 

Where: Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road - Exit 37 - E311 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Time: 4pm-12 am