All You Need To Know About Upcoming Burj Khalifa's Competitor In Saudi

1.Burj Khalifa of Dubai achieved the title of the tallest building in the World.

2.The status might decline soon as Saudi is planning to build something twice as big as Burj Khalifa.

3.The height of this competitor of Burj Khalifa will be 2km.

4.It will be built in the capital city of Riyadh.

5.The overall investment to build this tower is 5 Million dollars approx.

6.Saudi plans to defeat Dubai, America & Britain in one short by building this structure higher than Burj Khalifa, World Trade Centre and Big Ben.

7.  The mammoths of real estate sector have already started prepping up designs.

8. This project will be a part of Saudi's $500 Billion project NEOM.

9. The tower will be built in the area of King Khalid International Airport.