American Brewery Voodoo Ranger Launches Pizza-Flavoured Beer, Pizza Beer

Credits: Canva 

Pizza Beer, Anyone? 

American brewery, Voddoo Ranger has launched a Pizza Beer. 

Credits: Voodoo Ranger/ Website  

Beer That Tastes Like Pizza 

In collaboration with Tombstone Pizza, Voodoo Ranger's Pizza beer is beer that tastes just like Pizza. 

Credits: Canva 

Taste Pepperoni Flavour

The beer has punchy pepperoni pizza flavour which may attract pizza and craft brew fans. 

Credits: Canva 

Get This Beer In The USA 

Available for a limited period of time, you can purchase this pizza-flavoured craft brew in the USA from April 7. 

Credits: tombstonepizza/ Instagram 

Best Of Pizza & Beer! 

You can enjoy the best of both worlds, beer and pizza with this unique craft brew. It has unique flavours which may not be everyone's mug of beer! 

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Order It Online 

Purchase this pizza beer online for $49.99 for two 4 packs of 16-ounce cans. 

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Wild Flavour For Adventurers 

It's a wild flavour for those adventurous foodies who are open to trying unique beers. 

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Do you want to try this beer? 

Credits: Voodoo Ranger/ Instagram