Ananya Pandey Enjoys Indulges Into Some Sweet Cheat Meals In Dubai

Ananya Panday flew down to Dubai and her bestfriend made her  a cup of coffee. 

Ananya was so happy that she also posted a picture posing with the coffee. 

She enjoyed salted caramel shake and wrote that she works out so that she can have her favourite desserts. 

She then indulged into some sweets like candy floss. 

The desserts were a part of her bestfriend's birthday celebration. 

The actress recently flew down to Qatar to witness FIFA World Cup semi finals. 

The die-hard Argentina fan enjoyed the match with her father Chunky Panday. 

The actress couldn't control her happiness as she saw Messi live on the ground. 

She was star struck to see football lehgend David Beckham in the stadium who waved back at her.