Anupamaa Star Nidhi Shah AKA Kinjal Makes Her Fav Breakfast Smoothie; Recipe Inside

Nidhi Has A Fav Smoothie 

Nidhi Shah AKA Kinjal is a foodie who recently shared the recipe of her favourite breakfast smoothie. 

Benefits Of Drinking Smoothies

Smoothies have many benefits. It boosts digestive health, improves immunity and helps manage weight. 


Blueberries Walnuts Pumpkin Seeds Banana Almond Oats Dates Milk

Step 1 

Chop the bananas, de-seed dates, soak the almonds and keep the ingredients in separate bowls. 

Step 2

Add all the dry ingredients into the blender. 

Step 3

Finally, add the milk and blend all the ingredients to make a glass of layered smoothie. 

Step 4 

Nidhi Shah's breakfast smoothie is ready! Enjoy your healthy brekkie smoothie! 

When are you planning to make this?