Asia's Best Restaurants 2024: These 5 Indian Restaurants Made It  To 51 To 100 List 

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51 To 100 List Of Asia's Best Restaurants For 2024

World's 50 Best Restaurants has  released Asia’s best restaurants  ranked from 51 to 100 list.  

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5 Indian Restaurants  Included In The List

The prestigious list features 5  Indian restaurants this year. 

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Indian Restaurants  Amongst Asia’s Best

The list features 3 and 2 restaurants from Mumbai and Delhi, respectively. 

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1. Americano 

Mumbai’s Americano was among the top-rated Indian restaurants on the list and was ranked at 61. 

2. The Bombay Canteen

The Mumbai eatery made a debut on the list at the 70th position. 

3. Comorin

Gurugram’s Comorin bagged the 79th rank among Asia’s best restaurants ranked from 51 to 100.  

4. Dum Pukht

This iconic Delhi restaurant was ranked 87th on the list. 

5. Ekaa 

Mumbai’s Ekaa made it to the 98th position on this prestigious list. 

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