7 Best Christmas Brunch Places In Delhi To Plan A Feast With Fam!

Credits: Khubani/Instagram

Credits: Chido/Instagram

1. Chido

Offering a diverse range from North Indian to European cuisine and an array of beverages, it is ideal for a multi-cuisine Christmas brunch with family. Where: Connaught Place, New Delhi

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2. Mayfair

With its blend of North Indian, American, Italian, and more, it's perfect for a family Christmas feast with varied preferences in a comfortable setting. Where: Sector 13, Dwarka, New Delhi

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3. Melt

This spot presents a fusion of modern Indian and pasta dishes, making it a unique choice for a family-oriented Christmas brunch. Where: Skymark One, Noida

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4. Bahce

Ideal for a family gathering, this restaurant offers a mix of Continental, Mediterranean, and North Indian cuisines, catering to diverse tastes. Where: Worldmark, Gurgaon

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5. Khubani

With its Mediterranean, modern Indian, and Middle Eastern fare, it's a great pick for families seeking a fusion of flavours on Christmas Day. Where: Aerocity, New Delhi

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6. La Vie En Rose - FashArt Studio & Cafe

Perfect for family dining, this cafe serves Italian, North Indian, Chinese, Biryani, and more, catering to various preferences. Where: Saket, New Delhi

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7. Cé La Vie Kitchen & Bar

It offers an extensive spread ranging from North Indian to Lebanese and sushi, suitable for a family brunch with diverse tastes. Where: Connaught Place, New Delhi

No matter your family's palate, these Christmas brunch spots in Delhi promise a delightful feast to savour and share during this festive season.

Credits: Chido/Instagram