Bhagyashree Shares A Simple Vegetable Soup Recipe That You Can Recreate At Home

Straight From  Bhagyashree's Kitchen

Bhagyashree just dropped a new  recipe on her Instagram and it’s  quite simple as well!

A Simple Veggie Soup

She is known to put her cooking prowess at work and share her recipes on her Instagram page and this time she has cooked a vegetable soup. 

Here’s How You Can Make It 

And we have brought her recipe for you to try at home. Here’s the complete recipe breakdown. 


Carrots Green bell peppers Green Beans Maida Corn flour Green chilli sauce Black pepper Milk Water Butter Cheese

Vegetable Soup Recipe

1. Take some butter in a wide pan and add the maida to it. 2. Mix it all well. 3. Add a tablespoon of corn flour next and continue mixing. 

Follow These Steps

4. Next add some milk and water to the pan. 5. Stir it well continuously so that there are no lumps formed. 6. Once the mix becomes a bit thick, add in the vegetables. 

Cook & Keep Stirring 

7. Mix it together and cook it for a few minutes. 8. Now, add the black pepper, salt, and green chilli sauce. 9. Let it cook for a few minutes on medium flame and add in some hot water. 

Serve And Enjoy

And that’s it, your soup is ready. Top it with lots of cheese and enjoy your vegetable soup!