Bill Gates Enjoys Garam Chai Ki Pyali From Nagpur's Dolly Chaiwala

 One Cup Chai For Bill Gates Please

Bill Gates shared a video where he asked for a cup of chai. 

Nagpur's Dolly Chaiwala Is Here

Dolly Chaiwala from Nagpur prepared a hot cup of tea for the billionaire with his signature style. 

Garam Chai Ki Pyali From Dollly

As the tea brewed in the vessel, Bill Gates admired the innovators in India. Dolly Chaiwala is also an innovator in his eyes. 

Dolly Has Wowed The Internet

The chaiwala from Nagpur has wowed the Internet with his tea making skills and his charisma in front of the camera. 

Bill Gates Ready For Chai Pe Charcha

The Microsoft honcho looks forward to Chai Pe Charchas. 

A Collab That Surprised Everyone! 

This collab between Dolly and Bill Gates has left the Internet shick chack shocked. 

Bill Gates Loves Chai 

The billionaire loves his chai! 

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