Bipasha Basu Shares The Cutest Video With Her Daughter Devi & There's Elaichi Tea Involved!

Bipasha & Devi Have Cutest Bond

Actress Bipasha Basu often shares the cutest pics and reels with her daughter Devi. 

Devi Brings Surprise For Mama

This time little Devi brought a surprise for mama Bipasha as her dad Karan Singh Grover filmed a reel. 

Is It Elaichi Tea? 

Taking the toy cup that Devi gives her, Bipasha asked her if its Elaichi Tea. And takes a big sniff. 

The Mom-Daughter Duo Have Tea

The mom-daughter duo then drink "tea" from the plastic cups and share a cute moment. 

Devi Paints With Dad 

The little girl likes to paint with her dad Karan who is also an artist. 

Hand Painting Gives Her Joy

Devi focuses on dipping her tiny hands in paints and pressing them on the canvas to create artworks. 

Their Little Tigress 

Devi is Bipasha and Karan's little tigress who the parents believe is independant and fearless. 

Don't you find these moments adorable?