Breakfast Of The Celebs: 7 Bollywood Celebrities And What They Love For Breakfast

Image Courtesy: Canva

1. From overnight-soaked oats and chia seeds to dosas, Anushka Sharma loves these simple dishes for breakfast.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Anushka Sharma

2. Deepika Padukone loves gorging on South Indian food such as idli, chutney, and sambar to kickstart her day.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Deepika Padukone

3. Alia Bhatt once shared on Instagram that she enjoys aloo paratha for breakfast.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Alia Bhatt

4. Even though Priyanka Chopra lives abroad, she loves to start her day with desi food at times. From poha to paratha to idli, her breakfast looks delish. She sometimes even indulges in omelette and toast.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Priyanka Chopra

5. Katrina Kaif loves enjoying a healthy and energy-rich breakfast. Her first meal of the day usually contains eggs. Her nutritionist shared with Vogue that she also included soaked raisins in the breakfast.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Katrina Kaif

6. From muesli to paratha, Kareena Kapoor Khan enjoys a healthy and energetic breakfast.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kareena Kapoor Khan

7. Kiara Advani's breakfast usually looks like a bowl of oats topped with lots of fruits. 

Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kiara Advani

What does your breakfast look like?

Image Courtesy: Canva