Budget 2023: 9 Things That Got Cheaper

1. LED Television And TV Panels The prices for LED TVs and panels will be reduced now.

2. Lithium-Ion Batteries Since batteries are now cheaper, all objects that use these batteries will also become cheaper.

3. Lab-Grown Diamonds Stock up  on jewellery because these diamonds are now cheaper.

4. Automobiles Custom duty on automobile imports have been reduced, so cars and bikes will be cheaper now.

5. Shrimp Feed Custom duty on shrimp feed is also slashed.

6. Electric Vehicles In order to promote green energy, government has reduced EV and biogas prices.

7. Electronic Gadgets Taxes on electronic items have been reduced, making them cheaper than before.

8. Camera Lens This will contribute to a reduction in the prices of devices that use camera lens.

9. Laptops, Mobile Phones, Etc. No additional taxes are levied on personal gadgets which means they will be cheaper.

Image Courtesy: Unsplash