Celebrity Pilates Trainer Namrata Purohit Gives Tips For A Guilt-Free Festive Feast

The youngest Stott Pilates instructor, Namrata Purohit, has collaborated with a number of celebrities, including Malaika Arora and Sara Ali Khan. plus more. 

Celebrity Pilates Trainer

Start your day with a balanced, satisfying lunch, and take a small snack before leaving for the celebrations to avoid overindulging in sweets.

1. Satisfying lunch

Avoid cocktails as much as you can, and if you must consume alcohol, avoid aerated drinks that will sweeten it even further. 

2. Avoid cocktails

Giving your body the nutrients and sustenance it needs will keep you content and full for longer, reducing the likelihood that you'll be tempted to overindulge.

3. Include nutrients

You shouldn't let your joy prevent you from fitting in a fast workout. 

4. Quick workout sesh!

 Choose healthier substitutes instead, such as water, coconut water, or, if necessary, pure, natural fruit juices.

5. Natural drinks

 If you decide to savor something, do it with all your heart and don't be hard on yourself. 

6. Guilt-Free

Always remember to KISS: Keep It Simple, Smart, and Safe.


What are you waiting for? Dig on that festive feast but make sure to apply these tips!