Chai Lovers, Travel To These Places If You Love Tea

1. Assam Assam is the largest tea producer in India. Also, known as the Tea Capital of the World, the landscapes are a visual treat.

2. Darjeeling Darjeeling produces a huge part of India's entire tea production. Some of the tea plantations in this hill station are the oldest as well.

3. Kotagiri Surrounded by lush plantations, Kotagiri in Tamil Nadu boasts beautiful landscapes of tea plantations. This place is also known for its stunning trekking trails.

4. Munnar Exploring the beautiful tea plantations in Munnar is one of the most famous things to do while travelling here. 

5. Palampur Himachal Pradesh's Palampur is popular for 'Kangra tea'. Going on tours to explore the plantations is a must in every tourist's itinerary.