Chef Kunal Kapur Dropped No Condensed Milk Mango Kulfi Recipe & Here’s How You Can Make It

Mango Desserts

With the mango season here, we’re picking delicious mango dessert recipes from some of the best chefs in India.

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Milk Mango Kulfi By Kunal Kapur 

We found this awesome mango kulfi recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur that is prepared using just 3 ingredients and no condensed milk!

Try It Yourself 

So, to help you replicate the recipe, we’ve given a complete breakdown of the Milk Mango Kulfi recipe by Kunal Kapur here. 


1 litre full-fat milk 1 mango ¼ cup sugar 1 tbsp custard powder (optional)

Here’s How You Can Make It

1. Take the full-fat milk in a kadhai and let it simmer on low heat. 2. You have to reduce the 1 litre of milk to around 400 ml. 3. While the milk boils, cut the mango and chop it roughly. 

Follow These Steps

4. Make sure to keep stirring the milk every few minutes. 5. Put the mango pulp in a mixer and make a puree. 6. Give the puree a quick boil in a pan and then let it cool down.  

To Make Sure The Kulfi Sets

7. Keep scraping the sides of the kadhai while the milk boils. 8. Make a slurry with custard powder and some water. 9. At this stage, add sugar to the milk.   

Time For Some Mixing

10. Add the mango puree and custard powder slurry to the milk. 11. Mix it all together so that there are no lumps. 12. Keep mixing till the milk comes to a boil. 

Refrigerate The Kulfi

13. Once the milk thickens, turn off the heat and let the mix cool down. 14. Put the milk mango mix in the kulfi moulds and add ice cream sticks to it. 15. Place it in the refrigerator and let it set for 8-10 hours. 

Ready To Be Enjoyed!

And voila your kulfi is ready! Garnish the kulfi with some dry fruits and enjoy!