Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Shares Recipe Of Tadkewala Beetroot Chaas That Is Perfect For Summer!

Perfect Summer Drink - Chaas 

Flavourful, chilled, and absolutely amazing, chaas is the ultimate Indian drink for summer. 

Credits: Canva 

Chef Kapoor Adds New Flavour  

And to make this drink even more flavourful, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  has added an amazing and  healthy flavour to it. 

Tadkewala Beetroot Chaas

The chef took to Instagram to share a recipe for Tadkewala Beetroot Chaas and it is a must-try this season. To help you with that, we have given a breakdown of this recipe so you can try it out yourself. 


Boiled beetroot Chilled yoghurt Chilled water Ghee Cumin seeds Ginger Green chillies Mint leaves Coriander

Credits: Canva 

Here’s How You Make It

1. Take some boiled beetroot and a little bit of chilled yoghurt in a blending jar. 2. Blitz it till you get a puree-like consistency. 

Follow These Steps

3. Then, add it to a bowl and mix it with some more chilled yoghurt and chilled water. 4. Whisk it until it is all well combined and set aside. 

Add The Tadka

5. It’s time to add tadka to your chaas. For this, you’ll need to add some ghee to a pan. 6. Then, add some cumin seeds, ginger, and green chillies to it and cook it till the tadka comes together. 7. Now, add this tadka to the beetroot and yoghurt mix and whisk it together. 

Ready To Be Served

Finally, add some mint and coriander leaves to the chaas and serve it cold for the best taste!