Chef Saransh Goila Shared A Yummy  'Arbi Muhammara' Recipe & You Can Recreate It At Home

Arbi Like Never Before

We’ll be honest, arbi isn’t one of our most liked vegetables but this recipe has made us rethink our liking! 

Credits: Canva 

Chef Saransh Goila’s Recipe 

As part of his new series, Sabzi Superstar, Chef Saransh Goila is giving a delicious makeover to boring vegetables and this time around, he is making something with ‘arbi’!

Arbi Muhammara  By Saransh Goila

He has created a dish called Arbi Muhammara and to be honest, it looks quite delicious! So, to help you recreate this dish at home, we have given a complete breakdown of this recipe here. 


250g Arbi 3 Red bell pepper Garlic Coriander stems Red chilli paste Ajwain Red chilli powder Onion powder Garlic powder Bhuna jeera powder Amchur Rice flour Walnuts Breadcrumbs Olive oil Lemon juice Salt 

Credits: Canva 

Here’s How To Make It

1. Start by washing the arbi. 2. Then, put it in boiling water with salt and cook till parboiled 3. Once done, peel & cut the arbi. 

Spice It Up

4. Now, in a bowl, take the arbi and add some ajwain, red chilli powder, onion powder, garlic powder, bhuna jeera powder, amchur, rice flour, salt,  and oil to it.  5. Mix everything well and put it in an air fryer at 170°C or deep fry till crispy. 

Continue Following These Steps

6. Now, take the red bell peppers and char them well. 7. Then, add them to a bowl, place a lid on top & let them cool down 8. Once done, peel and deseed the bell peppers and place them in a blender. 

Make The Muhammara

9. To the blender, add some garlic, a few walnuts, some breadcrumbs, coriander stems, red chilli paste, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. 10. Blend it all together to make a smooth paste.

Time To Plate Up

11. Place the Muhammara paste on the base of the plate and add the arbi on top of it. 12. Finally, drizzle some yoghurt, bhuna jeera powder, and mint leaves on top of the Arbi Muhammara to complete the dish. 

Serve & Enjoy!

And voila, your Arbi Muhammara is ready to be served and enjoyed!