Chocolate Cake Or Gulab Jamun? Kajol Has A Food Dilemma! 

Kajol Is A Die-Hard Foodie 

It's no secret that Kajol is one of the biggest foodies in Bollywood. This time, she needs our help! 

Reading To Make Better Choices

Kajol joked that she reads to make better choices in life not to improve her vocabulary or mind. 

What Decisions? 

What decisions is Kajol talking about? Well, it's decisions about food, of course! 

Chocolate Cake? 

The DDLJ actress is confused between two food choices. The first is a delicious slice of chocolate cake. 

Credits: Canva

Gulab Jamun 

The second is every desi's favourite Gulab Jamun which has a loyal fanbase. 

Credits: Canva

What Should She Choose? 

Should Kajol choose Chocolate Cake or Gulab Jamun? Well, we know our pick, you'd have to help her on Insta. 

Kajol Loves Fish & Chips 

The actress is a massive fan of the London-based dish Fish & Chips. 

Credits: Canva

What's your choice for Kajol?