Curly Tales Launches Its 2nd Restaurant, 'Shifuku By Curly Tales' In Mumbai 

Restaurants In Mumbai

Mumbai’s culinary landscape is a dynamic blend of flavours and innovative gastronomy

Curly Tales' New Restaurant

Curly Tales has opened this new restaurant in Mumbai that offers the greatest modern Asian cuisine. 

Shifuku By Curly Tales

Shifuku By Curly Tales is a pan-Asian restaurant that promises to offer a traditional dining experience with a modern touch

How's The Restaurant?

The place gives a lively environment that can change from a cool daytime ambience to a thrilling night scene. The restaurant has a modern and fresh style.

The Feeling Of Being In Japan

With Cherry blossom-inspired interiors and outdoor seating that gives you the feeling of being on a beach, this restaurant is your haven!

Beautiful Interiors

The interiors are adorned with minimalist decor that creates a calming atmosphere.

What To Eat?

Try Crispy Cheung Fung, Spicy chicken dumplings, Rainbow sushi, Banana wrap fish and definitely, fried rice and chilli paneer or chicken.

Amazing Cocktails

Shifuku By Curly Tales also boasts an impressive selection of cocktails that complement its culinary offerings. These cocktails come with an attention to detail

So, when are you heading to Shifuku By Curly Tales?