David Bechkam Plays Gully Cricket & Football With Kids On His UNICEF Trip To Gujarat

David Beckham Was In Gujarat 

The English footballer is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador who arrived in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

He Interacted With Children

David had sweet conversations with children. 

He Also Played Gully Cricket 

The world's most famous footballer played gully cricket in the streets of Ahmedabad. 

David Beckham Played Football 

The footballer played football with children and gave them some valuable tips. 

He Is Inspired By Indians 

David Beckham revealed on Insta that he was inspired by the energy and passion of the people of Gujarat. 

David Drew & Coloured  

David Beckham entertained the kids with his drawings and colouring.

He Loved Listened To Their Stories

David Beckham loved listening to stories and even posed for a picture with the kids. 

What do you think of his memorable trip?