Image Credit: Instagram/Disha Patani

Disha Patani Follows A Strict Diet For The Most Perfect Body

Image Credit: Instagram/Disha Patani

To stay as fit as Disha, you need to eat healthily and follow a proper workout routine. She follows a very simple diet and regime and you can follow that as well.

She starts her day with 2 eggs, a glass of milk, and juice. She sometimes also loves to have cereals and milk for breakfast. 

For lunch, she keeps it nutritious with bowls of fruits and healthy juices.

And for dinner, brown rice with dal and some vegetables are her go-to menu. 

To keep herself full throughout the day, she munches on almonds throughout the day.

Image Credit: Instagram/Disha Patani

Here's a picture of Disha with a plate of lip-smacking pancakes. It seems to be one of her cheat days.