Diwali Long Weekend: 5 Indian Destinations To Travel To!

1. Udaipur Diwali celebrations in Udaipur are delightful. The must-watch during this time is the Udaipur Light Festival. 

2. Ayodhya To celebrate Diwali in the best way possible in India, Ayodhya is the ultimate destination. Witnessing lakhs of diyas lighting up the place is a visual treat.

3. Pushkar Celebrate Diwali like never before in Pushkar. Don't forget to check out the camel fair.

4. Coorg To escape to a quaint hill station, take a trip to Coorg. Surrounded by lush greenery, spend your holidays on nature's lap.

5. Goa Who doesn't love to relax by the beach? And when it comes to beaches in India, Goa surely tops the list.