Diwali Celebrations In 5 Different States 

1. Bengal and Assam These states celebrate Diwali as Kali Puja. They worship the Goddess and seek blessings from her.

2. Odisha On Diwali, people in Odisha celebrate Kauriya Kathi. On this day they honour and worship their ancestors by burning jute sticks. 

3. Goa Narakasura was a demon and was the king of Goa who was killed by Lord Krishna. In Goa, Narakasura's effigies are burnt on Diwali. 

4. Karnataka People take oil bath early morning and farmers offer food around their fields to worship King Bali. This is called Balipadyami.

5. Chattisgrah A tribal community in this state celebrate Diwali by hosting a marriage ceremony between their crops and Lord Narayana's idol. They call it Diyari.