Do Not Miss These Food Dishes On Gujarati New Year.

In India, this year Gujaratis will celebrate new year on 26th October. Here are some food dishes that you will surely find in their thali. 

1. Shakarpara This is a snack that is generally made during Diwali and Gujaratis too love it. Some make it sweet while some prefer it to be salty. 

2. DHOKLA Dhokla is every Gujarati's love. How will their celebration be complete without it?

3. KHANDVI Khandvi is one of the most loved snack in a Gujarati household and you better not miss this gram flour based snack. 

4. SHRIKHAND Shrikhand is a sweet made out of hung curd and tastes best with hot wheat puris. 

5. DAL DHOKLI Gujaratis call dal dhokli their comfort food and hence is a part of every celebration. 

Saal Mubarak!