Do You Know These 6 Forbidden Forests In The World?

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Forbidden Forests

There are several forests around the world that have gained a reputation for being mysterious, dangerous, or simply off-limits to the public.

Where To Go?

These forests have captured the imagination of people around the world due to their mysterious and often forbidding nature.

1. Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

Often called the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania, this forest is known for its strange occurrences

2. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Located at the base of Mount Fuji, Aokigahara is infamous as a site for suicides.

3. Dering Wood, England

This forest in Kent, England, has a history of reported paranormal activity

4. Yukon's Devil's Club Forest, Canada

This forest in Canada's Yukon Territory is known for its dense undergrowth of Devil's Club plants, which have thorns that can cause serious injury

5. Epping Forest, England

It's one of the largest areas of ancient woodland in the London area and has been preserved as a protected area for centuries

6. Black Forest, Germany

Tales of witches, werewolves, and other supernatural beings have been woven into its lore, adding to its mysterious allure

So, which of these forests allure you the most?