Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Places To Explore In India

Earth Day is observed on April 22 every year and here are some eco friendly places in India that you must visit. 

Places are classified as ecofriendly based on the balance striked between tourism and environmental responsibility. 

1. Coorg, Karnataka Coorg is known for its lush coffee plantations, adventure and sustainability. 

2. Khonoma, Nagaland This sustainable village is known as the first green village in India. 

3. Alleppy, Kerala Alleppy is known for sustainable tourism and its unbeatable natural beauty. 

4. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan The city has recently shifted its focus on eco-friendly infrastructure. 

5. Kutch, Gujarat With vibrant landscapes, this place has a focus on renewable energy. 

6. Sikkim This place is known for community-driven initiatives for conservation. 

7. Hampi With ancient ruins, this place also promotes eco-friendly tourism.