Eid Al-Adha: Relish These 8 Healthy Alternatives To Traditional Arabic Desserts This Festive

1. Date and Nut Bars

Blend dates and nuts, press into a pan, chill, and cut into bars.

Mix semolina, yogurt, honey, and bake until golden; pour syrup over.

2. Basbousa

3. Roz Bel Laban

Simmer rice, milk, sugar, and rose water until creamy; chill.

4. Apricot and Fig Maamoul

Stuff dough with apricot and fig paste, bake until golden brown.

Remove pits from dates, stuff with almonds, and enjoy

5. Almond Stuffed Dates

Combine tahini, sugar, and flour, shape into cookies, and bake until golden

6. Sesame Tahini Cookies

Make halawet el jibn healthier by using low-fat ricotta cheese or Greek yogurt for the filling and reducing the amount of sugar in the syrup.

7. Halawet El Jibn

Instead of deep-frying, bake luqaimat in the oven and use less sugar in the batter. Serve with a drizzle of honey or date syrup instead of sugar syrup.

8. Luqaimat

Don't let your diet resist you from having your favourite desserts during festive season.