Snow-Clad Mountains, Car Drifting & More; Inside Sheikh Hamdan's Finland Travel Diaries

Lapland Exploration

Dubai's Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan, recently explored Lapland, known for its subarctic wilderness, ski resorts, and natural phenomena.

Explore Sheikh Hamdan's recent Finnish expedition through a captivating image gallery.

Let's Go Fishing

Where: Dubai Islands When: January 21

King & Queen Swim Race

Captivating images showcase Lapland's winter marvels, highlighting Sheikh Hamdan's appreciation for unique landscapes.

Winter Marvels

From snowy escapades to luxurious destinations, Sheikh Hamdan's global sojourn epitomizes a royal passion for life and adventure.

Royal Pursuit

He took chance to drive around the roads surrounded by snow heaped trees overlooking the warm sun. 

Driving On Snowy Road

He was spotted drifting his car leaving the tyre trails. 

Capturing Sunsets

Later, Sheikh Hamdan immersed himelf in some cultural music of Finland.

Cultural Experience

So let's look forward to  these events to embark on a new adventurous journey.