Flights, Biryani, Fans & More; Inside Khalid Ameri's Recent Trip To Mumbai!

Emirati Youtuber, Khalid Ameri's Recent Trip

Khalid's recent trip to Mumbai started at Sharjah Airport where he was snapped with the staff of The Lounge. 

Ameri boarded the Air Arabia flight from Sharjah International Airport to Mumbai. 

Comfortable Flight

While flying to Mumbai, Khalid tuned in some Bollywood action on Skytime. 

In-Flight Entertainment

A red box labelled " Chicken Biryani" arrived making Khalid all smiles! The rice delicacy was accompanied by some dessert. 

Food Is Here!

Khalid has never been shy from admitting his love and obession for rice delicacies like Biryani! 

Loved The Biryani!

While he was on his way to Mumbai he quickly asked people to tell him where he could get the best Biryani in town?

Pop-Up Question

Seems like the Emirati Youtuber is here for some shooting and work. 

Touch Down Mumbai! 

Well, we have a winner it seems! Khalid headed straight to Shalimar in Mumbai to dig in some scrumptious Biryani!

And the Vote Goes To...

The birthday bash was filled with memorable moments of love, joy, and anticipation.