8 Food Items That Go Really Well With Khubz, Arabic Bread

1. Every Emirati has tried the combination of Khubz and Zaatar atleast once in lifetime. 

2. Next time spread a dollop of Nutella on Khubz instead of bread. 

3. Hummus & pita bread is the ultimate combo to have. 

4. Wrap up the Falafel in Khubz to make a roll. 

5. Add some meat, salad & sauce to Khubz and your Shawarma is ready. 

6. Mujadara is a mix of cooked lentils which can be served wit rice or khubz. 

7. Labneh is another great option to pair up with Arabic bread. 

8. Any gravy goes really well with Khubz. 

Khubz is plain in taste & an arab staple.