From Abu Dhabi To Ajman, 4 UAE Cities That Ranked Safest In The World

World's Safest Cities

UAE has 4 cities that featured in the top 6 of World Index as the safest cities in the world. 

Abu Dhabi secures the top spot as the safest city in the world with an impressive safety score of 97.73.

1. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi prioritizes safety through extensive surveillance, robust police presence, safe public spaces, advanced emergency services, and strict traffic regulations.

Abu Dhabi

Following closely behind, Ajman takes the second position with a commendable safety score of 97.04, reinforcing its reputation as a secure urban center.

2. Ajman

Ajman promotes safety through community policing, neighborhood watch programs, enhanced street lighting, safe public transport, and responsive emergency services.


Dubai emerges as the third safest city globally, boasting a safety score of 97.03, a testament to its commitment to maintaining a safe environment for residents and visitors alike.

3. Dubai

Dubai ensures safety through integrated security measures, comprehensive crime prevention programs, vigilant traffic management, secure public spaces, and multi-agency collaboration.


Ras al-Khaimah rounds up the list of UAE cities ranked among the safest in the world, securing a noteworthy safety score of 96.98. 

4. Ras Al Khaimah

With these four UAE cities leading the global rankings in safety, the nation sets a benchmark for other cities worldwide.